Requests for credit, or credit applications, are submitted and managed in LoanPath’s Application Module.

Applications can be submitted by public users via the internet, by vendor partners, or by internal users at the finance company. Based on credit scoring rules configured within LoanPath, submitted applications are auto-approved, auto-declined, or routed for manual credit decision.

The Third Pillar Application Module also allows an internal user to enter and maintain the remaining data required to complete an application.

The Application Module's dynamic input screens allow configuration of the application process according to exact business needs. The Application Module will then advance the application through the defined workflow process automatically as data and documentation requirements are met.

The Application Module provides the ability to:

  • Add customer and related party data for multiple parties
  • Interface with back office systems for customer and exposure data
  • Upload documents into the document management system
  • Track multiple versions of uploaded documents
  • Generate documents that include data from the quote and application modules
  • Fax in a physical document to the document management system—including a signed document

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