LoanPath’s highly scalable, standards-based environment for authoring and processing credit rules enables easy segmentation and auto decisioning to help application flow. It provides:

  • Automated risk assessment criteria for non flow business
  • Optimized scoring by using easy tools for frequent updates
  • Use of the CPU scale to mine data in real-time

The Credit Scoring Module features:

  • Visual Authoring Environment - This drag and drop model quickly builds rules, decision trees, decision tables, scorecards, rule flows, integrated testing, and iteration support
  • Horizontal Scalability - Easily runs on multiple CPUs
  • Multi-User System - Provides check-in/check-out of any artifacts plus, offers roles-based access, effective dates, and dependency analysis
  • Reporting - Featuring population stability, override, characteristic stability, K-S statistic, Mahalanobis Distance (the measure of distance based on correlations between variables by which different patterns can be identified and analyzed), plus other commonly used reporting tools.

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