Eliminate costly rework by ensuring that the correct terms, conditions, and data are part of every client document with LoanPath's Document Generation/eSignature Module. The module uses the data collected in the credit process to automatically populate document templates that can be published in editable Microsoft Word® or PDF format. The eSignature functionality also allows you to generate and sign a document at the point of sale to reduce transaction latency.

This MS Word and XML-based module supports a clause library that offers alternate languages and workflows for getting new clauses approved. Plus, every clause within the library can be attached to a workflow to either trigger a review, or get loaded into the portfolio monitoring or accounting system.

The Document Generation/eSignature Module supplies complex logic based on the transaction data, and can insert an appropriate company- or industry-specific clause as needed. Plus, document templates are easily changed using this module’s template creation functionality.

The Document Generation/eSignature Module includes:

  • Multi-lingual capabilities (all languages supported by Microsoft Word)
  • Conditional logic and clause support based on data elements
  • Support for Microsoft Word formatting capabilities
  • Centralized clause management and drag-and-drop document creation capabilities
  • Ability to publish draft templates as final document templates
  • Documents that can be emailed, faxed, or published to the user for editing
  • Multiple document generation requests that can be queued in batches for processing
  • Document packages that can be created and enforced to ensure completeness of communication
  • Easily integrated eSignature and authoring functionally

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