Integrating Your Ideal Solution

Your Third Pillar integration team will work quickly and efficiently to ensure your new software meets all of your informational and operational needs. As our LoanPath software is based on Java and XML technology—and utilizes Third Pillar’s Service Oriented Architecture —your solution can be easily integrated with your existing legacy systems, as well as configured to partner with any of the third party systems listed below.  

Third Pillar’s solutions are best integrated into your infrastructure using XML, SOAP, and JMS. However, we can integrate with most legacy systems using the correct transformations and adaptors.

Supported Third Party Systems
The following companies have existing integration points to all Third Pillar products.

Experian Infolease
Equifax Oracle Fixed Assets
TransUnion Oracle Financials
D&B Oracle Lease Management
Siebel Fidelity Impacts
Global Interdict Interface Various proprietary back office processors
Thompsons - OFAC/Reg O ICV Customer Hub (Customer relationships and exposure)
IBM ME Series Moody's KMV RiskCalc
Tibco Businessworks Filene

Front and Back Office Integration
See how LoanPath adds back office agility

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