The LoanPath Manual Approval Module supports the transaction approval process for medium and larger ticket transactions. This process can involve multiple parties, checklists, and rules-based controls that require extensive analysis of documentation—as well as package movement from office to office.

With this module, you can enforce best practices in underwriting using our rules engine and workflows.

The Manual Approval Module allows rules to be set up to trigger workflows based on any data point including:

  • Transaction size
  • Transaction type
  • Geographic region
  • Collateral type
  • Origination point, person, or program

This module also allows the approval of the credit, pricing, or document package to be handled and logged—all with different workflows set up for each.

The Manual Approval Module provides:

  • Serial, parallel, or daisy chain approvals
  • The establishment of different approval requirements for any aspect of the transaction
  • Approval actions that automatically trigger the next event in the workflow
  • Generation of optional emails for events in the workflow
  • A complete audit trail of all events

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