The LoanPath Quoting Module provides instantaneous web-based quotes based on user-defined business rules and tax requirements. The Quoting Module supports a variety of financial products and can be used both externally with sales people, dealers and vendors or internally—a significant competitive advantage.

External Users and Dealer Sites
Dealers can enter the small amount of data required for the quote calculation, calculate the quote, and quickly see pricing results along with quote proposals to share with the end customer. Quotes can be versioned and re-run until the dealer calculates the correct price points in real-time to close the transaction with the end customer.

Dealers can thus easily engage customers in looking at various quote scenarios, changing parameters and saving various versions of a quote, while maintaining the finance company's required yield. The flexibility in the quote module helps the dealer better meet the end customer's needs and thus improves win rates.

Internal Users and Leasing Company Staff    
Internal users may be given access to more complex quoting capabilities, allowing these users to override certain values or rules, while maintaining those factors necessary for compliance. Complex calculations that may have previously required multiple steps to calculate subsidies, commissions, customer and leasing company interest rates all performed with a single click and viewed in the output document or report.

Quoting Module features include:

  • Ability to ‘Solve For’ values of the user’s choice
  • External users typically solve for rentals
  • Internal users solve for features include residual value, equipment cost, subsidy amount, and many others
  • Input of fees such as document fees, insurance fees, maintenance fees, and others
  • Input of dealer and vendor subsidies, commissions, etc.
  • Generation of regular, irregular and seasonal payment schedules
  • Set up of dynamic residual bands associated to asset types and asset add-ons
  • Display of dynamic input screens based on selected finance products (operating lease, finance lease, loans, and others)
  • Set default value based on user preferences and vendor setup including default equipment types added to quote
  • Output of customized customer, dealer, and internal user reports
  • Creation of custom quote letter with full payment and amortization schedule
  • Full taxed-based pricing (certain countries only)

Dealer and vendor partners can also be allowed to search for quotes and applications and become part of the origination and application documentation process.

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